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Multi-Cultural Marketing

Bank Supports the Hispanic Community events

Product:  Multi-color imprinted t-shirt
Customer:  Bank
Objective:  To reach out the Hispanic community to inform them about the banks services that meets their needs.
Overview:  PS Promotions is bilingual Spanish-English and Multi-Cultural.  Using festive colors along with the client’s logo colors and some Latin slang, made the final product a perfect hand out at the event.
Outcome:  For many years, this bank has been a great sponsor of the Hispanic community.  With many branches in Hispanic Residential sectors, in cities like Miami and Chicago, you can walk in and find our banners with the message “Aqui aceptamos tu Matricula” “We accept you foreign identification here” or the cashiers wearing buttons that say “Hablo el Idioma del Servicio” “I can speak and serve you in your language”.
Along with the same theme, the same bank celebrated new branch openings were we delivered hand made bags from Guatemala with the bank name embroidered.

Drug & Alcohol Prevention Awareness of Services

Product: 7” Stand Along Banners
Customer:  Hispanic Outreach Alcohol & Drugs Program
Objective:  Outreach and Awareness on Drugs & Alcohol prevention in the Hispanic Community.
Overview:  When meeting with the customer, their desire was to create awareness of their services in the community.  We recommended these banners to be placed in several businesses and social organization where the Hispanic community regularly visits, schools, groceries etc.
Outcome:  Like a giant business cards, service has increased to the point they had to open another center in a different location to meet the needs.

U.S. Census Reaches out Hispanic to be counted in 2010

Product:  Non-Woven Shopping bags.
Customer: Detroit Regional Census Center
Objective:  To encourage Hispanics to be counted in the upcoming census.
Overview:  To do this, the U.S. Census partnered with Hispanic agencies that service the community in different ways, such as immigration rights, social services, religious services, etc.  We help them pick up an item highly used by Hispanics.  Hispanics are great chefs and always shop for fresh produce at the local market, and many use public transportation while carrying their groceries.  We suggested  the non-woven recyclable shopping bags which also had a large imprint space for the ample message.
Outcome:  It remains to be seen in 2010, but for sure there is a large increase in Hispanic population in USA.  However, we are already starting to see the bags at work spreading the message at the local markets.  Thousand of bags distributed, along with t-shirts, mini change purses, coffee mugs, etc.


Insurance Agency Transition

Product: 6” x 4” Information Magnet
Customer:  Insurance Agency
Objective:  An item useful to customers for at least a year, small enough to mail to about 2500 recipients with updated information on the agency.
Overview:  PS Promotions suggested the large magnet so that plenty of information was kept by the agency customers, including the new main phone number as large and bold as possible.  Besides adding all the services, a calendar for the rest of the current year and following year was added.
Outcome:  Customers received the magnet in the mail with a letter informing the new transition, posted on their refrigerator exposed to pass the agency service information to other friends and family and a 5% client increase from referrals.

State Department of Transportation Reinforces Seatbelt Safety Campaign

Product: 5” Round Magnet
Customer:  State Department of Transportation
Objective:  A reflective warning sign strong enough to surpass weather elements and car washes, that can be posted on 40,000 trooper units within a month, enforcing drivers and passengers to buckle up and be safe.
Overview:  We suggested a super think powerful reflective magnet which was delivered to all units and posted on cars within a couple of weeks after delivery informing all drivers that troopers are on the watch out for seatbelt safety.

County Department of Children Services Reach out Young Mothers Campaign

Product: 5” x 3” Rectangular full color magnet.
Customer:   County Department of Children Services.
Objective:  To inform low income young parents and parents to be, of their variety of services to support their child to be healthy, safe and ready to learn.
Overview:  Once again the magnet goal is to go on the refrigerator to have the number handy for all the parents-infant needs.  We produced a gracious full color magnet with the main message to reach out about 10,000 new parents in the county.
Outcome:  Magnets were inserted inside some adorable baby bags we custom manufactured in China, and distributed to all county clinics and maternities, filed with milk, diapers samples.